Why do people obsess over things ?

‘Why did she say this to me, how dare she insult me like this?’ My younger sister who is visiting from the US was busy complaining about a cousin who came to visit her. She was replaying a stressful conversation she had hours ago. Even the next day over dinner this conversation seemed to be the only topic of discussion.

Why do people obsess over things?

Different people obsess over things in different ways and for different reasons. Some people are more prone to stress than others and it shows in different ways in their behaviour.
Many times people want to get rid of a situation but due to a habitual thought pattern they are unable to do so and keep on replaying it.

Keep a time limit

If you are seeking support from friends in getting rid of your obsessive habit then set yourself a time limit. Decide on how much time you are willing to give this problem, on talking about it. Keep your focus on a solution. 

Expressive writing

This helps in breaking the habit pf stressing. Research has also shown that expressive writing was effective in reducing the symptoms of depression amongst those with a tendency towards 

Change your behaviour

You can also change your feelings by changing your behaviour.

Take the ‘Fake it till you make it’ approach. Do this by making a few conscious choices to add some new stress management activities to your lives.

Getting regular exercise, practicing meditation and a few days in the week and indulging yourself in your favourite hobby, these are some of the techniques you can use to relieve stress.

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