Start Saying to SORRY !!!

Why is it so hard to say the words we so desperately want to hear ?
Many times we turn the simple task of saying, “I’m sorry” into a chicken and egg game. Or worse, we use it to guilt others, or withhold it to hurt.
Do you find yourself actually taking the gift of an apology, whether given or received, as your opportunity to “win”? (If the word “but” is anywhere near the words “I’m sorry”, you aren’t apologizing, you’re trying to be right.)
Why?  Because you are missing two fundamental components of the foundation you need to build for a heartfelt apology that can be felt by the other person and by you!

 Accepting Responsibility
If you’re like most people, your perception of the situation is clouded by the hurt you’re feeling when someone you love is upset with you.  It also might be difficult for you to acknowledge and accept your reaction to any situation as being in your control.
Unfortunately, we live in a left-brain-logic controlled world, where the right side of the brain (passion, creativity, love) is locked up in a prison camp of right and wrong, only engaged when the left brain says, “hey we need to be upset here!”

#2 The Art Of Letting Go
This does NOT just mean you have to forgive and forget. You must heal your hurt too. However, if you can accept and acknowledge your contribution to the situation, this will free you from residue from the conflict.
The easiest way to let go is to ask YOURSELF one question, “Which is more valuable? The idea of being right, or the relationship?”

5 Ways To Say I’m Sorry And Show Them That You Mean It
Hug. It’s hard to stay mad when you hug someone. Physical touch can bridge the widest of emotional distances.

Write or find a poem showing how you feel about the other person outside of this situation. Keep it simple, give the poem to the person you wronged, and say, “I’m sorry. I know that might not be good enough right now and I’ve struggled to find the right words beyond I’m sorry. 

Create an online collage of 10 photos of amazing places you’ve been together or fun experiences you’ve shared.

Give the person a list of the top 5 reasons they are important to you. 

Make a donation to the other person’s favorite charity. Get a receipt of the donation, hand it to the other person and apologize by saying, “I’m sorry.

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