Our First & Last Love is SELF LOVE !!!

What is self love?

Self love is the process of acknowledging, validating, honouring, and respecting yourself!

So, why is self love important? The importance of self love can be traced back to the effects of nurturing yourself. When you nurture and support yourself, you are in a far better position to do the same thing for others in your life. It is basic human nature to support others. The early man lived in tribes where most things were done due to a collective effort! If you support yourself, you will get better at supporting others.

Self love should be separated from narcissistic love. Narcissistic love is self centred and seeks the benefit of oneself only. Self love on the other hand, lays the ground work of loving others.

One of the easiest ways to experience more self love is to start of by increasing your self awareness. Ask yourself questions such as “What would I do or say that will make me honour, respect, validate, and acknowledge myself more?” Please take your time with this question, and allow the answers to organically flow to you, instead of wanting to force them out! Just remember, there is no right or wrong in this.

Simply allow your awareness to express to you, the benefits of giving more self love to yourself! Would I be correct in saying that you do love certain people in your life right now? What would the outcome be if you gave the same love back to yourself

The second step to expressing and experiencing more self love is to allow more self acceptance in your life. Put simply, fully accept the way that you are right now! Sure, there are and always may be certain things about you that you would like to change.

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