No Fun Without Jaggo In Punjabi Marriage

This is a dance ceremony performed during the late hours before the wedding day. The bride’s female relations carry a decorated copper vessel called gaffer with lights or “dhiyas”made of wheat flour.

The aunt carries this vessel on her head and the other women follow her in group, singing and dancing their traditional giddha. A woman carries a long stick with bells or “ghungroos.”

They visit nearby relatives in the village where they are welcomed with foods, grains and ghee for lighting up the lamp.Jaggo dance is a procession to wake up and call the neighbours for wedding.

Punjabi culture does not merely symbolize the ancient Sikh legacy. The industrious Punjabis like to have a bit of fun at the end of a hard day’s work and thus their culture abounds in lively music and colorful dances. Jaago, a dance that is performed to celebrate the wedding festivities deserves special mention.

Jago’, the song of awakening is a traditional folk form of Punjab in which on the auspicious occasion of marriage, the girls carrying a pot (Gaggar) affixed with lightened candles sing ‘Jago’ folk song in the village streets. 

This tiny procession is always full of fun and frolic with the elders. The theme of song in the ‘Jago’ is social and sometime a message of awakening is followed by soft teasing. After the Jago, Viahola Giddha folk dance is performed.

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