Punctuality: Who cares? MC, DC office staff habitual latecomers

“Is it a public holiday today?” this reporter asked a peon after seeing the vacant hall of the horticulture branch of the Municipal Corporation (MC) at 9 am today. He smiled sheepishly and said that except for a handful staff, a majority turns up a little before 10 am everyday.

Interestingly, even the complaint centre had no one to attend to the written complaint. The scene was not unique to one branch of the MC but the entire spread of offices of the MC and Deputy Commissioner Office had a similar situation.

Time: 9 am

Location: MC building
Scene 1: Except peons and sweepers, no head or subordinate staff of any wing arrived in the morning at 9 am (the office hours of the MC). Interestingly, the peons who have been assigned duties with the top brass officials also did not turn up. Peons busy in cleaning desks in various wings grumbled “why should we also come to office on time when other officials do not care to follow this norm”.
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