When girls wanna have fun

Move over boys, girls are having fun. And they want to have it on their own minus the company of men.

“Having a party in front of Eiffel Tower in Pune! A great fun time.”

“A complete paisa vasool time”,
“ Who says girls can’t have fun?’’
These are very few animated reactions from girls who had recently enjoyed all-girls’ parties at different places. At these parties they dance, sing, mimic, act naughty, in short they have a ball.

These all-girl parties are usually “bachelorette parties,” held as a celebration for a bride-to-be or a prenuptial party. Termed as “a last chance” of pure, unadulterated, independent fun — this is day you say goodbye to your singlehood. Obviously, you want to spend it with your friends having no-holds barred fun. What till now was the domain of boys — a bachelor or stag party thrown by the would-be groom’s friends to enjoy what was termed as life’s last free days — now has women joining the trend with gusto and having separate pre-marital parties!

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