The decision of the SGPC executive to install the portrait of former Budha Dal chief Baba Santa Singh in the Sikh Central Museum at the Golden Temple has come in for criticism from certain sections of the Sikh leadership, including SGPC members.

After the Dal Khalsa on Monday shot off a letter to SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar asking him to reconsider the decision taken at the May 3 meeting of the executive at Anandpur Sahib, former SGPC secretary Manjit Singh Calcutta sought to know from Makkar the achievements of Santa Singh and the rationality behind this decision.

“What have been the achievements or accomplishments of Santa Singh vis-a-vis the Sikh panth. All I know is that he rebuilt the Akal Takht in 1984 on the orders of the then Indira Gandhi government and at the very fag end of his life, he came forward to apologise before the Akal Takht for revoking the excommunication order passed against him,” said Calcutta.

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