Happy Mother Day-What type of gift we can give to dear mom

It is a globally-acknowledged fact that mothers are biased in loving their sons and men are attuned towards being overly possessive about their moms.

Thus, it makes perfect sense in taking a few moments out of your daily schedule to ensure that this Mother's Day (May 13).
Our mothers always care for us. Even if we are not living with them, they're always worried about our well-being.
Gift Vouchers/Cards
Remember the times when your mom got you the things you wanted even before you asked for them. Some role-reversal will be appreciated now.

Candles spread light, just like mothers spread their love all around the world. Besides, a mind-clearing fragrance which emanatGift Basket

It may not be Diwali or an anniversary, but a gift basket can still do wonders. The basket should be really well decorated and should look beautiful.es from candles is extremely soothing.
Home D├ęcor
Some men may not be really bothered with their bed linen or the curtains in their rooms but detail-oriented moms want such stuff to be neat, clean and beautiful.
Unlike you, your mom may not be a tech-geek but still she'd love it if you give her a new-age smartphone.
Greeting Card
It may just be a humble little piece of glazed, colourful paper with lots of design on it, but it can mean a lot.

Sweet Treats

Unless she's a part of a minute minority, your mom would always love sweets. Chocolate, of course, is your safest bet, but then there are options galore.
When you were young she bought you the choicest garments. Imagine how she would feel if you get her a pretty saree or a suit.

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