Are u a bad Mom ???

Bad mom – the genesis

I am a self-proclaimed drama queen and thrive on soppy Indian films, these i believe were reasons enough to walk into the scan room with a box of tissues. I knew exactly what would happen. The doctor will show me a tiny speck on the fancy LED screen and say, “This is your baby” and I will hold my husband’s hand, squeeze it and then one tear drop would roll down my cheek. 

The bad mom streak continues

In the next scan the baby had a more human form, I was so excited that I was actually laughing. And then one day as I was talking to the baby, she kicked me! It was an out-of-the-world experience. And every time she kicked she brought a smile to my face.

Maybe I’m not so bad after all 

Now, 8 ½ months later, I have become wiser and my hormones are not playing truant. I smile and give my (what I call) “mommy nod” when people question my parenting skills. I have also taken an oath that when my daughter is 5 years old I will not walk up to the mother with a stroller and cross check her baby’s milestones. No, motherhood is not overrated but it surely is work in progress. 

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