For Anna rally, five Indian professionals get jail in Dubai

Five Indian professionals, who organised a rally in Dubai in support of Anna Hazare, are in jail for 12 days now, with the Indian Consulate stepping in to secure their release.
These employees of private financial firms — in their 20s and 30s, from Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat — were arrested on August 20 when they organised the rally at Dubai’s Al Mumzar Park mobilising about 150 people via social networking sites. 
A typical invite read: “Support the crusader who has taken this fight against mighty and corrupt officials for the benefit of the nation. At 8.30 pm start walking towards South by the beach for about 1.5 km until you’re the parking lot. Try not to be loud...peace remains essence of this event.”
Dubai police arrested the organisers of the rally for gathering without taking permission.
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